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CRA encourages most clients to invest in their property with the best return available. Our Roofing Systems offer energy reductions that provide a payback on investment. Other benefits include longer life cycles and reduced repair of HVAC equipment due to lower running time. Property values increase considerably with the right roof system.

An ideal roof is much like the picture above on the right. There is no equipment on the roof which promotes less foot traffic and structural weight. The reality is most commercial roofs do have equipment on the roof but it's design and installation require proper consideration for the health of the roof system and structural integrity of the building.

The pictures above also show how equipment must be raised with legs or a down flow curb to allow for water and debris to flow plus improved roof maintenance. The equipment above was originally installed directly on the
roof. Unfortunately most Roof and HVAC contractors don't understand what's in the long term interest of the property owner and the system they are to install. These design decisions have influenced us after many years of property management, roofing experience and property ownership ourselves.

The pictures on the left show a architectural roof fence designed to provide a Louisiana Style for the property owner. It did enhance the aesthetics but the many penetrations caused major damage to roof, roof deck and the deck's structural beams. With all the weld areas on the fence, the metal decorative fence didn't maintain a seal causing water to fill from the fence into the roof system, undetected. An alternative could have been attaching the decorative fence to the side of the exterior walls with an open metal bottom.

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