Preventative Roofing Maintenance

  • Estimate existing roof’s life span.
  • Compare maintaining verses new technology
  • High Cost of Breakdown Maintenance
  • Effects of Water to your business and facility’s structure

The most successful businessmen in the world remind
us that a stock worth owning is worth keeping. And that a business worth buying is worth taking care of. Today’s Economic Leaders consider it crazy not to protect in an asset that was important enough to obtain. Today’s business graduate is under the impression that the annual profits are for big bonuses without the consideration of the future. They are convinced their time with the company will be short and the time to make profits are now. The opportunities to move up fast come by changing companies. Who thinks of a 20 to 40 year job anymore?
A true definer of wealth knows how to manage today’s requirements but won’t sacrifice the long term.

All too many companies that aren’t reinvesting in what they have just won’t be here. Breakdown Maintenance is a phrase too many companies have become comfortable with. One who get’s it, is Martin a Millionaire who is right on the mark. As a businessman he always determines the life cycle of what he is purchasing. He wants to know how to maintain it like new until modern operating efficiencies suggest replacement. It’s just common sense to care for what you’ve already purchased. Business maintenance budget’s often only reflect image, décor, comfort and conveniences. They don’t budget funds to care for what they have purchased in the past. Whether you bought the building with the roof or paid to have the roof installed , you should get your money’s worth. That’s how the rich have gotten richer. The upper left picture shows a building with equipment that was removed. The frames had many penetrations into the roof deck and were left to deteriorate. We removed the metal frames, repaired and saved the roof.


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